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  • Auto

    Whether you’re a driver in Phoenix or Tucson, AZ you’re required to hold an auto insurance policy. In 2010 alone, Arizona roadways saw more than 106,000 car accidents which proves how important it is to have dependable auto coverage. D.M. Lovitt Insurance Agency is a local agency that can provide you with responsive car insurance plans AND superior customer service!

  • Business

    How many things could go wrong for your business every day? It’s an unfortunate exercise but an important one, proving that businesses face a great deal of predictable as well as unpredictable risks at any given moment. To help protect your business and your staff, contact D.M. Lovitt Insurance Agency today for information about our commercial insurance packages.

  • Home

    Arizona homeowners insurance rates trend on the lower end of the national average, but you can’t take this tendency for granted. One of the best ways to ensure an accurate home insurance policy for your area is to shop locally – and you don’t get much closer to home than D.M. Lovitt Insurance Agency of Tucson! Contact us today to discuss your home insurance requirements.

  • Health

    Each year over 80,000 new Arizonans are born into the state and over 40,000 pass on. The Arizona population is growing, families are expanding and medical expenses continue to climb. Thankfully, having adequate health coverage can help you quell the costs associated with medical treatment. Contact D.M. Lovitt Insurance Agency today for your free health insurance quote.

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Are you lost in the insurance jungle? For over three decades, the team at D.M. Lovitt Insurance Agency has been your dedicated guide to finding and selecting the appropriate insurance products for your distinct needs. Through the years we have earned a reputation for offering reliable coverage, honest solutions, and developing long-lasting relationships with our clients.

As your neighbor, with offices in Tucson and Scottsdale, we truly understand and relate to your insurance needs. We can more easily identify the right solutions for your needs than an insurance company outside of Arizona. Not only do we know the local trends in risk exposures, but we know you. Our agents work side by side with individuals, families and businesses throughout Arizona to better understand and identify the unique risks and liabilities that are present in your world. We can help you find the right pet insurance for your family’s new puppy or a comprehensive key person life insurance policy for the top executives in your Phoenix office. No matter what your coverage requirements are, our wide range of insurance solutions helps us supplement your security.

At D.M. Lovitt Insurance Agency our policy is to give you much more than a policy. Contact us today at 888-498-5166 or fill out the form on this page to learn more about the insurance solutions and services we offer in the Tucson and Phoenix areas as well as throughout Arizona.

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